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Tour Package

The aim of  "Korean Education Tour Package"  is at helping both Koreans and foreigners who work as program specialists and decision-makers in education to understand education of Korea.

Korean scholars and administrative staffs are able to utilize the material to introduce educational system and to explain the overall process of school education when having foreign visitors.

Foreigners may take advantage of the material in two ways; understanding how educational system has worked in Korea and learning strategies for educational reforms.

  • Educational Statistics and Information Chang-Hwan Kim
  • Teacher Policy in Korea Kap-Sung Kim
  • National Assessment of Educational Achievement (NAEA) Jimin Cho
  • Curriculum, Teaching&Learning, Evaluation in Korean
    Primary&Secondary Education
    Hwajin Yi
  • The School Curriculum of the Republic of Korea Soon-Kyung Park
  • Textbook Compilation and Publication Policy in Korea Nansim Cho
  • English Education in Korea Hyung-mi Joo
  • Gifted Education and the Characteristics of the Gifted
    Students in Korea
    Meesook Kim
  • Cyber Education System of Air And Correspondence High School Young Sik Jeong
  • ACBS : Open Learning System in the Tertiary Sector Eun-Soon Baik
  • e-Learning Service in Korea Sung-Moo Jung
  • Next Generation of e-Learning and, u-Learning Myung-Sook Pang
  • IT HRD in Korea under Socio-Economic and Technological
    Gyu-hee Hwang
  • Career Guidance in Korea Ji-Yeon Lee
  • Development of VET Curriculum Jong-Hoon Ghang
  • Vocational Education & Training Finance in Korea Sung-Joon Paik
  • Vocational Education and Training Policy in Korea Mee-souk Kim
  • Vocational Qualifications System in Korea Jeong-Yoon Cho