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Education Series

  • Breif Understanding of Korean Educational Policy 2011downBt
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Policy in Korea 2010downBt
  • Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Policy in Korea 2010downBt
  • Korean Education Statistics 2010downBt
  • Universalization of Elementary and Middle Education 2009downBt
  • Vocational Education and Training in the Process of Industralization 2009downBt
  • Informatization of Education: ICT Use in Education 2009downBt
  • Curriculum and Textbook Policy 2009downBt
  • Teacher Policy 2009downBt
  • National Development Strategy and Education Policy 2008downBt
  • Universalization of Teritary Education 2008downBt
  • Efficient Management of Educational Finance 2008downBt
  • School Curriculum in Korea 2007downBt
  • ICT in Korean Education 2007downBt
  • School Education in Korea 2007downBt
  • Higher Education and Lifelong Learning in Korea 2007downBt
  • Education and Korea's Development 2007